Expansion Update


The Redemptorists are thrilled to report that their construction project has been completed and the dreams of the ‘Capital Campaign’ have ALL been fulfilled!  We now present to all pilgrims who join us for a holy visit, a remarkable facility to fully enjoy the charism of St. John Neumann and to be spiritually renewed through all of the senses!

The spectacular state-of-the-art Museum presents the history of St. John Neumann’s life and the historical context in which he came to the United States from his birthplace in Bohemia, present day Czech Republic. Come and experience his life through the many treasured relics and artifacts the Redemptorists have secured from his lifetime. You can spend hours learning and reading, or minutes soaking up the beauty of his life!

Our new Media Room seats 50 comfortably in cushioned chairs facing a very large projection screen with a substantial sound system. . It is here that you can view testimonial videos about St. John Neumann’s miraculous intercession of prayer in medical cases that were stated to be empty of a hopeful outcome. We have also used this room for lectures, teacher retreats, a poetry reading night and a book talk and signing! 

The expanded Gift Shop takes on a new look with bright natural light from the oversized windows and more space to house a variety of holy sacramentals, books, statues and all things religious! We invite you to visit and to take home with you a special item to remind you of your pilgrimage learning about St. John Neumann and the Shrine!

Your day at the Shrine can be just that, a full day! Consider staying here in our new Cafe with your own lunch your brought from home to enjoy in between your prayer time and all that is available for you here. We do provide light vending for snacks and drinks. Groups that come often order-in food from local sandwich shops but we also can provide a hot buffet for your group from our own caterer. The room is spacious, bright and sunny, glass enclosed and located in the St. John Neumann Hall with the Museum, Media Room and Gift Shop!

Sincerely in the Lord,

The Redemptorists & Staff of the Shrine