2017 Fall Communication Letter

Expansion Update

Click the image to download a high resolution copy of the brochure.

There is still room for YOU TO PARTNER WITH US, if you haven’t already, in our new and current Shrine expansion project! The photograph on the reverse side of this letter tells the story that the construction has truly begun! This needed and exciting phase took form in March 2017 and since then numerous ground breaking tasks occurred throughout the summer weeks to prepare and secure the foundation for the additions to come.

We believe that everyone can do something to “Partner with Us” in this journey of transformation to enlarge the Shrine and enhance our visitors’ experience to make it more complete. The floor plan below shows clearly the four elements of this expansion phase that will include as the centerpiece, a larger museum attended to with a 21st Century eye in design to hold the many personal relics of St. John Neumann we want to share with you! In addition, the new space will also include a Media Room built to show videos and to provide a quiet meeting place for pilgrims to gather to hear about the charism and life of St. John Neumann.

Evangelizing about St. John Neumann and sharing personal stories and testimonies are an integral part of why a Shrine exists. Our new and larger Gift Shop will give you more opportunity to find religious items that will further promote our Saint and Our Mother of Perpetual Help. The addition of an inviting Café with the ability to hold a busload of pilgrims, will offer our visitors a place to talk about their pilgrimage and share stories as they grow through fellowship with other Shrine devotees.

Become a part of this effort that will entice more pilgrims to come and then to know about the Saint you have already found, and love! All gifts are appreciated. Please consider a pledge over time, paid monthly or quarterly. Thank you for your continued prayers for our work at the Shrine, as we pray for you each and every day in thanksgiving for your kind support!

Sincerely in the Lord,

Rev. Raymond Collins C.Ss.R.
Shrine Director