2018 Winter Communication Letter

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We do pray for you, our friends and benefactors, every day through our Eucharistic celebrations, rosaries, novenas, and through the veneration of the relic of St. John Neumann and the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Each day the Redemptorists remember you at their community Morning and Evening Prayer. We not only pray for you; but you bless us with your faith and devotion to St. John Neumann and we thank you!

This new “Year of Grace” 2018 is another gift from our Lord when we are given the opportunity to live in the light with the hope we have been given through the birth of Our Savior! Thanks to our ministry of welcoming many tour/pilgrim groups, we are always encouraged by the numbers of young people we have had come to the Shrine. As the 4th Bishop of Philadelphia, John Neumann felt that the way for the Catholic faith to be passed on from one generation to the next is to teach the young about God, salvation and His unconditional love for each one of us. The young people who are led to the Shrine by their elders often show a belief, a faith and a trust in prayer beyond their years. Little did our Saint think that we would be using him and his life and spirituality as a way to teach the young about going to God!

2018 will be another exciting year at the Shrine! Our Shrine expansion project will be complete late in the year and this will allow us to offer additional programs and to welcome more people who wish to be touched by St. John Neumann.
Every donation to the Shrine, no matter the amount, helps us in our ministry. If you haven’t already “Partnered With Us”, we invite you to join many of the faithful who have. Thank you for your consideration.

We Redemptorists minister in such a way that all are welcome to the Shrine: seasoned Catholics, young families, those simply curious to learn more about St. John Neumann, and those new to our faith. May God bless you in abundance through the intercession of St. John Neumann!

Sincerely in the Lord,

Rev. Raymond Collins C.Ss.R.
Shrine Director